Recycled guitar

This blog may become all about woodworking. It depends if I can ever pull my antisocial self out of my basement, cave, elf shop and out into the real world to experience other things to write about. Until then, I’ve got a few more projects up my sleeve that I’ve been working on!

The first is a guitar that I want to refinish and carve out into a decorative piece. It’s hard to visualize at the moment, like most of my crazy ideas. All of my friends give me the weird head tilt when they ask what I’m doing with it and I give my best explanation.

Here’s a picture of it in its original glory:


Yes, it’s pretty beat up, but maybe you can’t tell from the picture, this camera tends to make things look better than they are (that’s why I bought it). I purchased the guitar for $20 off of kijiji. It happens to be child sized, which I didn’t realize when I agreed to buy it, because I made my sister do all the outside world work and pick it up for me.  Regardless, it fits the bill (and wallet) for my learning curve, because I expect to screw this up royally.

The first step was de-assembling it. I got to snip a wire and felt a bit like a bomb defusing expert. I stuck all the parts, including the neck (because it is child sized and fits) in a freezer bag.

The next part involved a shit ton of sanding. A ton. I mean it. I’m still not finished this step. I might get cancer and die from this step. Which is why I purchased a little mask for this job. It is likely doing absolutely nothing to help, but it makes me feel pretty professional.

Here’s my best friend and I doing some side by side shop work. (I made her wear the mask as well. Safety first!) The cider is very refreshing when your throat gets parched from all the sanding!


I never realized how many layers of paint and clear coat these things have on them. Layers on layers on layers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on paint removal so far. I’ve decided to try some chemical paint remover. Up until now I’ve tried to stay away from the stuff because it smells ridiculously harsh, but this sanding is clogging up my airways, and those things are money makers.

I’ll update as this project progresses!


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