Rainy day blues? No problem!

It’s another rainy day. I can’t really complain because we do need it. but something about it raining on the weekend is just cruel.

Regardless, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a covered porch so a little rain doesn’t stop me from keeping at whatever I chose to be doing! Today though – as I roll over and realize it’s only 7am on a day that I could be taking advantage of those hours of freedom to catch up on some sleep, my mind is already racing with things I could accomplish today. All of the hardware for the longboard came in yesterday – so that is on my priority list, but the fact that it’s raining dampens my enthusiasm, because I KNOW that as soon as I strap on those trucks and wheels I’m going to want to give it a spin.


My boy, Ash, doesn’t seem too enthused by the rain either!

I decided that I’m going to finish up some old projects that are at the end stage, but just need a bit of a push to get there.

The first is this spoon which, I think is made up of cherry, that I literally ran out of my house to save. Literally actually means literally – I don’t use this word metaphorically. So yes, seeing a chainsaw to that beautiful tree, I ran outside and begged for some cast-offs. Of course, they were only too willing to part with them. Less disposal fee for them, and beautiful wood for me!

But, after I had split the wood into sizeable chunks I realized that it might as well be diamonds for how hard it is. I read a nifty trick somewhere that spraying the wood with a water alcohol mixture will soften it up, so of course, I gave it a try, and amazingly it worked!

So this is how far I have gotten on that chunk of cherry that hopes to one day be a real spoon.


To even get to this point has taken quite some time. The original work was done entirely with a hatchet to rough out the approximate shape of the spoon from the branch. The branch itself had a large curved knot in it with beautiful red wood strains throughout. I wanted to make use of that curvy knotted section and so I simply carved the bowl into it and the handle out of it, just to maintain that natural curve!

Once again, lots of spokeshave work on this sucker. ( I LOVE THIS TOOL )


All I have left to do on this guy, is a bit more depth work in the spoon area some sanding, bake it for a bit (just to make sure no bugs are eating it from the inside – Like candy, or furniture, or little lost puppies, you gotta be careful with stuff you pick up off the road!)
So, assuming that doesn’t take me too long, and I don’t think it will. I’m also going to finish up a project that I have been working on for a while as well. In tandem with the spoon actually, because the reason I started this project is because I was getting tired with how hard the cherry was! So I switched to some pine to remember how fun and easy it is to not have to put some muscle behind your blade. Thus the wooden chain project began! You can actually see the beginnings of it in the first picture I posted of the spoon.  I didn’t have any 2x2s so I chopped a 4×4 in half and carved that sucker into a cross, or plus sign shape.


Then, I cut out a cardboard template and drew the links onto each side. After that it was relatively easy to started hacking out unwanted pieces with my carving knife!


Patience was key here, and trust me when I say it is my ultimate downfall. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down, but after the first link snapped, I didn’t need any more reminding. I just slowed down.


At this point I have all the links detached, just lots of sanding to do to even things out. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it yet, but I do think a dark mahogany chain link would look pretty great! Hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have two projects that have been sitting around my house for months – finally completed! Amidst laundry and cleaning and some minor report writing… I’m sure I’ll have time.



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