Recycled guitar – (Ie. cancer inducing project)

It hasn’t all been fun and games in this neck of the woods. Some of this shit is downright dangerous! In the breaks between my “secret” longboard birthday project, I’ve been continuing work on sanding down the old guitar I had purchased off of kijiji (A buy and sell site in Canada.)

Remember how I mentioned that I LIKED sanding? I’m going to take this moment to backtrack, and proverbially stomp on that statement. Remember when I said I was a hand tool type of gal? Also backtracking. Some things just need to be sped up. Sanding is one of them. Which is why being nice to your neighbours pays off! If you’ll remember last time, I still had a lot of sanding to do!


Well, I’ve been working on this little guy for weeks. A bit of sanding here, a bit of sanding there. My ears have red paint dust in them no mater what time of day. It seems no matter how many times I shower, I still have red paint dust on me. This dust gets everywhere. And there is TONS of it.

I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t sure that there was any nice wood under all that paint until, Voila! Some good looking wood!


Still, the insides of those curvy tops were giving my trouble, and I was starting to get impatient. But this is where helpful neighbours come in! The elderly lady next door saw me working and offered me a rotary tool with a drum sander attachment. OH MY GOODNESS – two minutes and I had those inside curves looking paint free and beautiful. (so – the point is, not everyone has 17 hours to waste sanding by hand, and those 17 hours are probably better spent with the real artwork (or girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, kids, dogs, whatever) …any ways. )


Now that a rough sanding of the body was done, it was time to go back to the drawing board. I’d mocked up a bit of a garden of eden motif with several celtic knots – one of which was a prominent trinity knot at the roots of the tree. It was probably way beyond my reach, but I have a habit of stretching farther than my muscles seem to allow. (I’m competitive even in yoga, okay?)


Once I had drawn out what I thought would work with what space I had, I adhered it to the guitar and got under way!

This was all done this afternoon. I’m so lucky to have a covered back porch that I can sit on to carve when we have these rainy drizzly days! After hours and hours of carving, I managed to get a bit of the background carved out. I cannot tell you how hard this wood is, but it’s going to be a practice in patience for sure!



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