Well, We all change plans sometimes.

As it so happens, I didn’t do any woodworking today. Weather changes have this nifty ability to seriously affect my body. It’s like I am naturally attuned to the weather.  Flash back to mean girls where that chick says her boobs can tell her if it’s raining. Well, I can tell you a week in advance if the pressure if going to drop because my entire body just goes to hell. My bones decide it’s time to take a little nap and don’t seem to want to cooperate with my joints, who in turn don’t want to cooperate with my muscles, and my head just doesn’t want to cooperate with anything.

So, between naps and lots of migraine pills – because like I’ve been telling everyone – the weather has finally changed, and it’s cold and wet, which means my brain is having one of its frequent – “Time for me to scrape up my belongings and get the heck out of here,” days. And it figures my eye socket is the best route out – but my eyeball is there! So what does impatient brain do? It tugs and tugs and tugs on that little nerve behind my eye – maybe in the hopes that I’ll hear him trying to get out and open up the door. Or maybe he’s as impatient as my old roommates and would rather break down a door than wait for it to be opened.

Either way – my brain got claustrophobic and it’s not happy that it can’t get out. So it’s pounding at the sides of my temple and tugging on that nerve like there will be no tomorrow.


My little man and I got lots of rest today!

As I was saying, between naps and expensive migraine pills- I  did some baking. I found this great No Knead Bread recipe on a blog that I’ve been perusing. She’s tried so many variations, but the original has become my staple. I do enjoy making a garlic loaf from time to time though!

What’s perfect about this is that all I have to do is mix the ingredients, go back to bed, come back twelve hours later (Okay, I only waited 9. It’s that impatience thing rearing its ugly head again.) roll it into a ball and plop it in the oven. SO EASY.


And I cannot stress enough how much better it is than store made! The difference between real bread and store bought, mass produced, bread is the way you can see the grains. Can’t really see any in the Wonderfake that you get at the store, can you?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo wonderfully crusty on the outside and perfectly airy and fresh on the inside. And in that twelve (read: 9) hour waiting period, I had lots of time to re-braid little Ash’s hair. He is none too enthused, but I keep reminding him that it sort of looks like Johnny Depp. Very manly.


So that’s it for today. Largely uneventful, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to pull myself out of bed long enough to get some projects finished!


4 responses to “Well, We all change plans sometimes.

    • Oh you are too kind! As it happens today is a much better day already! As for my dog. He is a little TOO cute – he’s gotten it into his head that he’s an untouchable princess and it makes for some great power struggle moments, but he’s my right hand man and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Thanks for the comments and the follow!

  1. I’m so glad that you liked my bread recipe! It really is the best – so easy if you have the time to wait! I hope you are feeling better

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