The rush is on!

Today I found out that my girlfriend will be arriving early for her visit. Which means I had until tomorrow to finish her board. Not possible, but at least I can have a prototype worked up to show her!

This way, she can be involved in the design process for her actual board – which may work even better, I was finally able to attack the arduous process of attaching the hardware to the board. Arduous because I had no idea how to make sure that I was putting them at the right distance, drilling my holes straight, and determining the centre of the concave.

But first! The griptape! I had purchased clear griptape, as I didn’t want all that work on the stain to go to waste, not to mention I just find covering the natural beauty of wood somewhat perverse. To each her own, I guess.


Yes, that’s a roll of tape that I’m using to press out the bubbles.


Next was the trucks. I wanted to be completely sure that I was putting them right where they needed to be, and needless to say, I was pretty nervous about ruining what had turned out to be a pretty nice board despite the imperfections! I wish I could now find who on Silverfish had suggested this process so that I could give them credit – because it’s so simple that it’s genius.

I tied wrenches to the ends of a string for weight and draped it over the board. Then measured from there – this way, I was able to solve the problem of finding the centre line which for me was much more perplexing than it needed to be.


I taped over where I would be drilling, printed out a baseplate template, lined up my centreline with the centreline on the template, held a level up to my drill and drilled away.
I was so excited to nearly be done at this point, you should have seen me! I went out and bought the wrong sized screws, had to head back to the store to get new ones, then FINALLY got it all put together.


I’ve never ridden another longboard, so I guess I can’t tell you how it rides in comparison. But it felt great. I was surprised at how well it carved. It felt like a snowboard, and I could definitely see myself getting into the sport at some point now that I’m retired from my first love, rugby.

Wish I could patter on about the board, but I’m up early tomorrow to work and get ready for the big arrival of my favourite girl. I’ll be sure to fill all you eager readers in to the reaction!


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