We’ve got critters!

What an eventful week it has been! I’ve had the week off of work for vacation, and have had an amazing time lounging around the beautiful city that I’ve been so blessed to call home for the last five years. It’s the first time I’ve taken a vacation and not gone anywhere, but it has been surprisingly awesome. (Mostly because I get to spend countless hours with people I love and no agenda!)

For the past few weeks my best friend’s dog, Roo, has been frantically trying to get under our raised porch. She’s always barking and sniffing around the openings, as if to tell us that something that doesn’t belong has taken up residence. We just figured it was squirrels or chipmunks nesting beneath the porch – but – yesterday we came outside to high pitched squeals and the unmistakeable trill of raccoons! These little guys were peeking their heads out looking for momma. After remarking (okay, matching their squeals with squeals of my own) over how cute they were – I came to realize that we’re actually in a bit of a predicament with these guys. I’ve seen dogs that have gotten into scraps with raccoons and they very rarely come out on top, and these are dogs that are much bigger than my little man, Ash!ImageSo, I reluctantly screwed that flap of wood into place and trapped the little guys in there for the day so the dogs wouldn’t tangle with them, and for the rest of the day, expected momma to come sweeping down from the rafters for an attack on my fragile head.

Thankfully, I unscrewed it that night in the hopes that momma would come rescue her children – and I haven’t seen any sign of them since!

The rest of the vacay has been spent drinking and lounging in the sun, some camping, and some longboarding (because the board works AWESOME).

As I mentioned, what’s a vacation without a little drinking? So I’ve been trying various concoctions and mixed these drinks up to sit in the hammock and sip at the other day.  Okay, so, they may actually be legitimate drinks and may have an actual name – but I mixed up the concoction myself and I am proclaiming them,

“Queer Juice”.

Shot of Brandy.
Shot of Lemon Cordial.
Half cup of orange juice

Shake it up, pour it in a glass, and serve it with frozen raspberries to chill it.
I had a few. They were that delicious – and so refreshing in the sun!Image


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