Mixing things up.

I’ve been getting a bit tired of the guitar project, and wanted another project for those moments when you just don’t have the patience for relief carving. I’ve been brainstorming ideas – but one has continually stuck out.

I am awful at losing things – cards, keys, money, my puppy, my shoes, my coat, my passport – once I even lost my bike for a full two hours because I couldn’t remember where I had locked it up. The point is, I am absent-minded, forgetful… and okay… a little bit careless when it comes to keeping track of things.

And I cannot count the number of times I have heard from a CERTAIN someone that I need a wallet. So, to save my cards from constantly jostling around in the bookbag that I now have pinned together to keep from opening – I decided it was time to construct a little card carrier. I know this doesn’t solve the problem of lost puppies or bicycles, but it’s a start.

I had a few leftover pieces of 1/8 baltic birch left from the longboards – so in the past few hours I’ve been measuring out and drawing up a simple little case that will keep all my precious cards in order (because it doesn’t matter if I have specifically checked before I  go to Shopper’s drugmart that I’ve brought my optimum card, I can NEVER find it when I get there…. but always find it I get home.)

I sliced off a few thin pieces of 1/4 inch plywood for the spacers – with a saw… it was difficult, I might just hack off slivers with a hatchet next time. Then scored out blocks a little larger than a card from the baltic birch.


I got so excited to get it done and start the real artwork – that I forgot to take very many pictures of the process – but I promise once it’s out from those clamps I will be more thorough with the pictures!

In the mean time, what’s constructing without some snacks waiting? I had no chickpeas left – and was really craving some hummus. I think I’ve been lugging around a few cans of red kidney beans through my last two moves – mostly because I remember absolutely hating them as a child, and didn’t really want to eat them – but am too cheap to throw them away.
I mean, who knows when some apocalypse is going to hit and you are going to find those beans to be your freaking saviour because you’re so hungry and all that is left on this earth is contaminated except for those nasty canned kidney beans in your cupboard?

(I think I hated them partly because of the name. Imagine eating hundreds of little kidneys? I’ve never heard of a spleen bean before, but I wouldn’t like that either… I digress)


I  figured with enough garlic that anything can be good so, I followed the recipe from this absolutely amazing lady who is kind enough to share all her culinary traditions from down in New Orleans. Seriously, check it out – it’s neat!
Red Bean Hummus

I followed the recipe pretty much to a T, but omitted the liquid smoke (Though I’m sure that would add an AWESOME aspect to the recipe – I just didn’t have any on hand) I also didn’t roast the garlic, just sautéed it shortly before blending it with the other ingredients.


I might actually like it better than the traditional hummus made with chickpeas, and I didn’t even thijnk of kidneys the whole time I ate it!

So, I’m now waiting for the little card holder to finish being pressed – I’ll likely wait until tomorrow to do anything more to it. Sanding at night leads to either sawdust in the bed – or showering… and wet hair in bed. I’m not too fond of either.


Fun little project, while I take a break from the tedious, detailed work of that guitar design!
Hope everyone is having as fantastic a night as I am!


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