Gluten Free? You must be awesome.

So, the special person in my life is gluten free – which at first kinda bummed me out because I love to bake. I go through phases of baking a single thing day after day after day until I feel like I’ve perfected it. Pancakes, French toast, cinnamon rolls. Recipe after recipe, combining and subtracting until I’ve found what I deem to be the right mix of ingredients to make up the perfect tasting baked good.

I’m a baking snob.You can say it.

So, when I found out she had gone gluten free – My ignorant mind thought, “What am I ever going to impress her with now?”
“I’ll never bake again!”
“My muse is no more!”

Despite the dramatic overtones, I do think it may be a common misconception about how hard it is to cook – and eat- gluten free.

Bulk Barn carries a slew of mixes for gluten free pancakes, muffins, and cakes. I generally hate using mixes, but I will admit to picking up a few to save from completely restocking my kitchen with gluten free ingredients for her visit.

So, with all this being said – my first gluten free dessert!
I was sceptical, but after what seemed like forever perusing through different recipes we settled on a flour-less chocolate cake, and set to work!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

The first step was to melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler – I just used chocolate chunks, basically the cheapest form of baking chocolate I could find. I hear it’s in the quality – but thankfully, I’ve yet to develop a taste for the finer things.


While that was in the process, I whipped up the eggs. Someone in the reviews mentioned to really spend the time whipping the eggs. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason why this really helps the recipe – but I whipped those eggs up for a good 2-5 minutes (then let my lead-hand take over for another two or so minutes) while the chocolate was doing it’s thing.


After the chocolate was melted – I let it cool. Another good reason to read the reviews – especially when you’re new to this whole gluten free – sensitive recipe type of thing. So, be patient and let it cool so that you don’t cook those eggs before you’re supposed to!



I decided to go with mini-cakes because I really didn’t want to wait around the hour+ to cook one that was in a full size, spring form pan. Again, patience isn’t my strong suit.  While the chocolate was cooling, we buttered and powdered the muffin tin with cocoa, so it really is totally gluten free!



Once cooled, I mixed the rest of the ingredients in with the chocolate and poured them into the pans. The cooking time was only between 12-15 minutes! We actually ended up making them twice because they were SO delicious. The first time we cooked them for a bit less and ended up with a delicious gooey centre and crusty shell that reminded me of lava cakes. The second time we cooked them for a bit longer and they turned out a bit more like brownies. Still mouth-watering!


Topped with raspberries. YUM!


There IS a reason I decided to post about this recipe tonight. I don’t get to say enough how awesomely lucky I am to surround myself with the amazingly talented, intelligent, and thoughtful people that I do. Today, my girlfriend graduated from university with a degree in engineering. As much as I wail again post-secondary education and how much I have hated it – I couldn’t be more happy and proud of all that hard work that she put in and came out with. So, I know she’s embarrassed when I brag about her – but she is one smart cookie and deserves all the recognition in the world for the long hours she put in and hard work that she suffered through to obtain that degree, and the grades that she did. So, to my awesome, gluten-free engineer, congratulations!

That’s all I have to say about that, because I’m probably going to get in a spot of hot water for even that mention!


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