Fairy Tales and Gardens.

Today someone told me, “Life isn’t a fairy tale.”

Well… no shit.

Unless you think I’m some dink who believes everyone has a little tinkerbell in their back pocket sprinkling fairy dust on everything and making it all okay, you can keep that cliche buried deep in your repertoire of “Things not to say when Raff is having a grumpy day and just wants to complain to you.”

Oddly enough though, it made me feel a bit better – though not from the “Well, things are shitty, get over it.” Point of view but rather the – “At least things aren’t that bad” angle.

I mean, I’m pretty glad I wasn’t enslaved by my step-mother for my entire childhood and bullied by malicious stepsisters.

It’s fantastic not to be locked away in a tower and have some asshole use my braid as a rope for his climbing wall.

I’m really glad to not be chased by a massive wolf on my way to Grandma’s house – or getting there and finding her the main course to said wolf.

It’s great that some jealous monarch isn’t after me because I’m prettier than her, and no witch is cooking me up in her gingerbread house kitchen.

Also – so nice to not be stuck in some medicated slumber waiting for a cocky douchebag to wake me up with his kiss.

So, yeah, life’s not a fairy tale. Thank God. Because those poor girl’s lives really suck!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s segue into something a little more interesting: My garden!  Which, is getting more and more awesome every time I strap on my sandals to check on it in the wee hours of the dawn (I’ve found that this is actually the only time that my giant yellow zucchini flower blooms!)Image I have a zucchini the length of my thumb! and TONS of little gumball sized tomatoes, and little peppers the length of my palm – and weed-like cucumber plants that are spreading everywhere.

Here’s my first little zucchini:

I think I may have gone a little overkill with three zucchini plants – but I grew them from seed and they are like my babies so I find myself reluctant to pull one out – even though the leaves are so massive that they’ve started to block out the sun from some of the surrounding peppers.

Oh well. Image

This is one cucumber plant. I think basement guy has been giving it steroids:


And that’s where we are right now. If I wasn’t checking every day, singing little, encouraging growing songs to them, and measuring each little centimetre of growth…. it would probably feel like they were growing faster. It feels like little man zucchini has been that little for weeks now!

Any who, there’s my little fairy tale garden – no princesses even had to be locked up, forced into slavery, or cooked in stews to make it happen either.


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