Forgot a gift? No problem, adopt this strategy for instant success!

Here’s a quickie:
I realized that I haven’t shown you the finished project in regards to my wooden chain, and so I will do so now! I finished it a few weeks after Mother’s day – and thankfully didn’t see my mom until then, so I was able to give it to her without her knowledge that I was super late with the Mother’s Day celebrations. I’ve found that the best way to ensure that people don’t realize that you’ve forgotten important occasions is just to avoid them until you have a fantastic enough gift that either:

1. Forget that you had previously forgot


2. Don’t even realize you forgot because you mislead them into thinking that you had this gift all along, you just haven’t been around to give it to them yet.

If one doesn’t work – number two almost always does. With this strategy in mind all you have to be really good at is not answering your phone and  avoiding the person in question. It just so happens that I am great at both.

In any case, I believe when I last mentioned the chain I was somewhere around this point:


The concept of the piece is pretty simple, it comes down to patience. Which is one reason that I love carving so much – because I don’t have a lot of patience – and carving is quickly teaching me the practice. So, I sat for hours and hours chipping out little pieces of wood – and for the first few hours – breaking links right and left in my impatience to chip out huge blocks rather than slowly taking small shavings from each link.


So, carving for hours and hours on end – I finally ended up with all the links detached and a semi-working chain as a result.ImageNext some sanding, and a dip in the walnut stain because I still have cans upon cans of this left over from a bed I built last year.


There she is hanging up to dry. Mum loves it – and she didn’t even know that I finished it two weeks after Mother’s day. Score for Raff.


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