Intruder! Help!

I’m back in my beautiful green hometown after a stressful weekend at my parent’s place in  what I like to call the armpit of Ontario – ugly, smelly, bacteria infested…. I could go on and on, but I won’t mention the town name at the risk of  offending someone. Regardless, coming back home is like a breath of fresh air.

Until that is, I saw my precious garden.

 While I still don’t have my camera (2-8 weeks at the repair shop unfortunately) I’m going to do my best to describe the state of my little back yard growing zone.

Last time I mentioned it, I called it an oasis. A fairy tale. My own little Garden of Eden. 

Well,  now it’s more like an overgrown jungle. The type  of jungle that you spend hours hacking at with a dull machete to lay an airstrip so that you can destroy an indigenous way of life with your white man propaganda (sorry, I’m not actually bitter).

And animals are destroying it. I’m at a loss as to how to keep away the army of squirrels that have declared my garden as their D-day landing strip. All those zucchini that I was so excited about? Literally torn to shreds. When I say literally, I actually mean it literally. The stalks of my zucchini plant look like they went through a shredder. And my zucchini itself has been ripped right from the base of the plant. 

Either I have a clever garden veggie thief that is carefully staging the crime to frame the squirrel population, or I have the most vicious squirrel/small animal population in the entirety of this town.

Today, I’m going to spend the majority of my work hours perusing over gardening sites to find the best way to keep unwanted visitors from your food stores.

I’m tired of buying zucchini when I have three perfectly GIGANTIC plants sitting in my back yard. I didn’t plant them to feed the squirrel families in the neighborhood. I’m not that altruistic. Call me selfish but I would actually like to have just one… JUST ONE single zucchini survive the squirrel holocaust by the end of this month and before I move out.



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