Under the weather, beneath a cloud, out in the rain… etc

In an effort to keep myself busy – to distract myself from missing someone special, who is off gallivanting around Europe, I’ve been upping my activity levels probably a bit more than my over taxed little body can handle. And I have been feeling it in pretty much every muscle in my body – including my brain.  Cycling, running (which is a big no, no for the head problems apparently!), gym, carving, shooting, writing, baking, cooking, packing, etc etc. Today is rainy, so to say I am feeling under the weather is fairly accurate. I cycled home in the rain, and looked a bit like a wet puppy upon arriving –  then called it a day. Now, I’m doing a bit of updating here so I can keep myself up until at least 8pm. Otherwise I really can’t argue the “grandma” moniker that my friends have hung around my shoulders.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours sharpening some hatchets so that I could hack away at a piece of cedar that has been sitting in my basement. It’s actually a piece of the same log that I carved the spoon out of  and showed a couple pictures on here a few months ago. Excuse the picture quality, as I’m just snapping cell phone shots until I get my camera back.


Unfortunately, the other half of the log had gotten a bit mouldy with all the humidity that we’ve been having, but some chopping quickly got rid of that. I’m not sure how that affects the quality of the wood, but the inside layers still look fresh and beautiful. The heartwood is gorgeous – bright pink and deep red the closer you get to the core.


That’s mostly a natural curve in the wood, which I’m, of course, going to work with to incorporate into the spoon. I’m seeing a deep ladle from this one!

I was so into the project that I didn’t really feel how torn up my hand was getting…

ImageGnarly.  That one under my pinky is puffed up like a bubble today. My boss told me I had man hands. Needless to say, today’s biking and weight lifting were not comfortable!

I’m thinking about carving some chess pieces next – will be a long project though and one that I’m not sure I would get done before the big move!

It’s 8pm! Finally! Which means bed time for this old gal. Sweet dreams!



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