5 Things to do with Zucchini when it’s all you have left in your fridge.

My garden finally sprouted some zucchini and ever since I pulled the first little guy off they have come in droves. Which is fantastic, especially when you have no food and are moving out in a week -which means buying groceries is something that you really don’t want to do. So, this past week I ate everything that was left in my freezer and on my shelves -which turned out to be a package of lunch meat and a single chicken breast, a half of a sweet potato (the other half was rotten), some canned soup, half a box of corn flakes, and whatever I could pull out of the garden. Mostly zucchini and tomatoes. So I had things like tomato and zucchini sanwhiches. My own invention that consists of slices of zucchini between two slabs of tomato.
Other than the tomato sammies, I found some other creative ways to use zucchini. Here’s my top five (in honour of my special engineer who is flying off to new adventures, I’m making a numbered list)

1. Grilled zucchini:
This one isn’t that creative, but it’s so good. All you do is chop those zuchinni in half, butter a side, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pop on the bbq.

Trust me, this is an old picture. I’m definitely not eating that well these days! But don’t those grill lines look fabulous? That picture is from the first time that I ever tried salmon. Luckily I had a fantastic cook, and the first experience was great!

2. Mashed zucchini:
I can’t take credit for this invention as it was a complete accident. I walked away from the stove and luckily had my burner on low, because I ended up forgetting that I had anything going and by the time I got back it was a soft, gooey mess. Unable to waste food, I simply plopped some butter into the mix and stirred it all up. It was deliciouuus!

3. Roasted stuffed zucchini:
Unlike the mashed zucchini, the roasted zucchini was an intentional experiment. I inherited a massive zucchini from a friend’s garden (I never have the patience to let them grow that big.) After slicing it in half, I scraped out the insides and set them aside into a separate bowl and put a few dollops of butter to keep the now empty, lonely shells company while I finished the next step.

I then chopped up some tomato (again from the garden),onion and some shredded cheese (stolen from the roomies), mixed all the inards together, saving the cheese to sprinkle on top, and put them right back into the zucchini.
The next step involved wrapping the zucchini in tin foil and placing it on the bbq. It took about twenty minutes over medium heat for the zucchini to soften up and for all the flavours to mingle to perfection.
4. Breaded zucchini:
This was great. In my last day of living in this house I was desperate for some food. All I had left were some stale cornflakes, zucchini and tomato. I stole an egg. (I like to think I was the collections agency that was taking back overdue payments for how much of my food went “missing” over the months I lived here. So, it wasn’t really stealing). Crushed up cornflakes made up the breading, an egg and a drop of milk made up the sticky goo that adhered the corn flakes to the zucchini. I added a few spices to the crushed up cornflakes, some parsley flakes, salt and pepper and garlic powder.

Then I dipped the zucchini in the egg, followed with the cornflake mixture and set it in a frying pan with a dollop of oil.

They were so good!

5. Zucchini towers.
I fancy myself a bit of an engineer with this one. If you are any thing like me it’s hard to ever be sitting still. Even when I am on the phone I am constantly fiddling with some object or other. It turns out that zucchini, in addition to being fantastically versatile as a food dish, can double as an object of entertainment as well.
Ergo – the zucchini tower – a feat of engineering accomplished with the one hand I had free at the time.

These are only a few recipes. Zucchini, as my favourite veggie, deserves the honour of a blog post completely dedicated to it – so I won’t clutter it up with other things. However, I will mention that I finished my guitar project! I was just waiting to give it away before ruining the surprise on the internet! Post coming soon!


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