I know, I know.

I promised that I would be better at posting regularly and I lied, so I won’t promise that again, but here is a quick update!

The state of my house is a disaster. I have wood chips covering nearly every corner and stray pieces of wood splayed about as if I’ve been playing a giant game of “pick-up sticks” (a childhood favourite of mine!) I’ve been alone in the house for a little over a week now and have spent nearly every hour thinking, planning, or working on my furniture projects.

Keeping busy makes the days go faster, which is a good thing when you’re missing someone. I’ve found this is the easiest way to get through an extended absence. Give yourself a ridiculous amount of projects to finish and you’ll have very little time to sit and think about why you’re spending 24 hours a day alone in your basement.

The point is, I’ve been keeping busy.

My newest creation is this end table I built for our living room.


It’s built entirely from reclaimed wood, and nearly entirely without power tools. I live in a basement apartment and am constantly afraid that I am annoying my upstairs neighbors with the noise. On top of that, I don’t really have any proper power tools for the jobs that I have been doing except for a drill – because I draw the line before drilling things by hand. I’d literally never get anything done if that was the case.  I did use a jig saw to cut the front and back of the bottom shelf pieces since I wasn’t confident ripping a 1 x4 into a 1 x2 with a hand saw. I also used an orbital sander for the table top.

The top was a section of the cellar door that I also used as shelves on the spice rack. I framed it in with 2xs2s that were hauled from the same place I procured the door from.

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a huge learning curve working with reclaimed wood and without power tools. I struggled for a bit, and finally had a break through when I realized that I needed to stop planning a project before I found wood for it. The key to building anything with wood that I haul in off the street is to let the wood do the talking, so to speak (because most of the time it’s me doing the talking to the wood – crazy kook). What I do now is spend a good deal of time looking at my wood pile and deciding which pieces will work for different projects. Often times, I’ll redesign a project mid-build if I find a new piece that I think will go nicely with it.

This was also the first piece of furniture that I’ve built with a drawer.

I’m not going to lie – It was a pain in the ass.
But when I finally got it done, I can’t even describe the unreal sense of accomplishment that I felt.

Next up is a coffee table – Here’s a sneak peak: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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