On lies

I’m going to apologize (semi) in advance about the fact that this blog is about to be hijacked by a shit-ton of emotionally charged, post break-up entries.

I’m struck by the things we promised each other. Chiefly, that we would never lie.
The thing about lies is that it is quite possible to lie without ever saying a word.
By omission, we left out the things that were bothering us. Finances, health problems, and space – all things that could have been fixed if they had come to light soon enough.
Maybe it’s good they weren’t brought up (or maybe this is my ginger fucking FURY speaking right now), because even with these things worked on, I still would have been left with someone who has zero time in their life to give to anyone but themselves.

That’s mostly just a really sad thing to realize about someone you thought you loved.


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