New beginnings

Seven months ago I was on a flight  to Vancouver to start a life I was really, really excited about.
Yesterday, I took a very different flight away from the life I wanted, to a new life that im slowly getting excited about.
I mean, how can I not be excited about this view out my bedroom window?


Plus, I’ve already learned a lot of new things.
Like, the difference between a cappuccino and a latte is just the amount of foam.
Or not to walk along the traintrack alone because there are fucking grizzlies everywhere. (Learned that one today)
And most importantly, how to say “my nipples are hard” in French. Which sounds a lot like “shoe say pin.”

Life is such a funny thing. I’ve been working on accepting things as they come and not letting the bumps and curves in the road get me down. Im incredibly privileged to be able to change my life the way I have in the past week. So incredibly priviledged to live in this place.

I think the key is to stop rehashing the past. To stop thinking of how life would be if certain things didnt have to happen, because the truth is that certain things did happen and this is my life now.

So I’m going to be FUCKING excited about this new life and forget about the old one – no matter how hard that is.


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