There’s a lot to love

I read a quote (wishing that I could remember where) saying something along the lines of, “Just because you have been given the opportunity to be angry, doesn’t mean that you have to take it.”  It resonated with me. I’ve been focused on the fact that I have every right to be angry, and not on the fact that I have a choice in the matter as well. It’s a good piece of truth that, just because you have a right, doesn’t mean you have to exercise it. I’ve been chewing on this thought like a piece of tough jerky, because I am angry right now, and being pissed off for a long period of time isn’t something I find myself enjoying. It’s just not a Raff thing.

You know what I think? I think I’m spending too much time hashing out the negatives. I think I’m fixating to the point of losing out on the little moments. I mean, last night I invaded the Chateau at 2 in the morning and lay on the same steps that Marilyn Monroe and the goddamn QUEEN walked down. I slid down a banister. I climbed up the sign. I let myself be amazed by the massive silhouette of mountains rising from the water. It was a real treat to see the place, usually packed so full of people pushing for the best picture, completely empty. Sitting by the water, pretending my little bum was planted in the exact place as Her Majesty’s would have been on her visit, I was so thankful for little 2am adventures that end up in places like that- it doesn’t get better.

Life is a pretty grand adventure, and talking about that good stuff reminds me that it’s there. It truly is amazing how quickly an individual can forget the wonderful things they are surrounded with when faced with a totally bullocks situation. It is good to be reminded.
Things that are fucking awesome:

Water. Glacier cold, crystal clear, mountain water.
The feeling of sinking into bed at the end of the day.
Birds chirping in the morning
The sound of thunder
The smell of cedar
Cooking a great meal
The sound of a friend’s voice
Forgetting about time
Hearing a good story
Honest conversations
The way long grass feels between your toes.
Waking up next to someone you love
Laughing until your ribs feel bruised
Friends who are family
Family who become friends
Freshly cut wood
Antique tools
Old workshops
A glass of good wine
Well meant advice
Adrenalin rushes
Being part of a team
Drawing pictures in the condensation on windows
Mountain forests
Mountain streams
Everything about mountains
Getting the perfect curl with a hand plane
A tall glass of condensation dripping beer
Lighting a cigarette in the dark
Holding hands
Warm fires
A steaming cup of coffee
A well rolled joint
Randomly seeing friends
Clouds that look like animals
Clouds that just look like clouds (It’s good to be happy with who you are)
Thought provoking books
Sharp knives (I know, TOTALLY not creepy)
Unconditional love

I had to stop myself at some point, but really, life is good. 



2 responses to “There’s a lot to love

  1. You forgot two key things! A hot shower after a long day, and taking out your contacts 😉 (personally i’d replace “hot shower” with “bubble bath” and pair that with the good glass of wine, but that’s just me).

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