I recently carved out a few gifts for my family in order to bring them home with me when I visited them for a few weeks last month.

Both projects are re-imagined versions of projects that I have previously made, and that with a bit of digging you could find in the pictures found back months, even years ago, on this blog.
Without further ado
Chain 2.0

I’m never patient enough at the beginning of a project. This one, for instance, was entirely freehand – you can tell by the vastly different sizes in the chain links that spacial perception without the use of instruments is not my specialty. Regardless, I thought it was a pretty fun project and I think my sister and her family loved it!

For my second project I chose to do a more advanced form of one of my first ever carving projects, the “ball in a box.” Whenever I am in the process of carving one of these, inevitably one of my friends will ask me what I am carving and I will matter of factually respond: “A ball in a box.” What follows is nearly always an easy joke on my sexuality, but you can’t change a name – tell that to Snoop Lion.
This one was Ball in a Box version 2.0 AKA “Balls in a Box. ”


All around, they seemed well received! Which means it’s on to finding a new muse for my next project!.


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